2 comments on “Barcode/QRcode Scanner using ‘android-zxinglib’ library project

  1. Hi, i follow your article and try it on my testing application. it’s work but i cannot see the result from scanned bar. it just like the app hang on the captured picture. can you help me for the result for scanned bar code ?


    • Hi,

      Try overriding the handleDecode() method on CaptureActivity.class. In order to extend CaptureActivity class you will need to remove the “final” modifier of CaptureActivity.class in the library project

      public class ScanResultActivity extends CaptureActivity {

      public void handleDecode(Result rawResult, Bitmap barcode) {
      super.handleDecode(rawResult, barcode);

      String resultContent = rawResult.toString();
      String resultFormat = rawResult.getBarcodeFormat().toString();



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